Oriel Frigo

Hi, welcome!

I am currently a Computer Vision Engineer at Prophesee (Paris), revealing the invisible through neuromorphic vision.

In 2017 I did a postdoc at INRIA Rennes, working with Christine Guillemot on Light field editing. Between 2013 and 2016 I was a PhD student, working on “Example guided video editing”, within a thesis agreement between Paris Descartes University (supervised by Julie Delon) and Technicolor (supervised by Pierre Hellier and Neus Sabater).

In July 2013, I completed the Master program "Color in Informatics and Media Technology" (CIMET). During this period, I have studied at Jean Monnet University (Saint-Etienne, France) and University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu, Finland). My master thesis internship took place at Technicolor, on the topic of “Example guided color transfer”.

In 2010 I received the BSc degree in Computer Science from Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (Brazil), with a dissertation entitled " Automatic Classification of Engravings Based on Texture Analysis and Self-organizing Maps ".

My research interests include computer vision, neuromorphic vision, color science and computational photography.

Contact: ofrigo at prophesee dot ai

Journal papers:

  • O. Frigo, J. Delon, N. Sabater, P. Hellier, Motion Driven Tonal Stabilization, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2016. [pdf] [site]
  • O. Frigo, J. Delon, N. Sabater, P. Hellier, Video Style Transfer by Consistent Adaptive Patch Sampling. The Visual Computer, 2018. [pdf] [site]

Conference papers:

  • O. Frigo, C. Guillemot, Epipolar Plane Diffusion: An efficient approach for Light Field Editing, BMVC, 2017. [pdf] [site]
  • O. Frigo, J. Delon, N. Sabater, P. Hellier, Split and Match: Example-based Adaptive Patch Sampling for Unsupervised Style Transfer, CVPR, 2016. [pdf] [site]
  • O. Frigo, N. Sabater, J. Delon, P. Hellier, Motion Driven Tonal Stabilization, ICIP, 2015. [pdf] [site]
  • O. Frigo, N. Sabater, J. Delon, P. Hellier, Stabilization tonale de video, GRETSI, 2015. [pdf] [site]
  • O. Frigo, N. Sabater, V. Demoulin, P. Hellier, Optimal Transportation for Example-Guided Color Transfer, ACCV, 2014. [pdf] [site]
  • P.-A. Bokaris, O. Frigo, A. Chen, I. Ciortan, A. Pelegrina, Basic and Advanced Colorimetry Methods for Displaying Microscope Image Appearance, In Proc. 12th International AIC Congress, 2013.
  • O. Frigo, A. G. Silva, A. Nied . Classificação Automática de Gravuras Baseada em Análise de Texturas e Mapas Auto-Organizáveis. III Workshop on Computational Intelligence (WCI), 2010. p. 446-451. (in portuguese)

PhD Thesis:

  • O. Frigo, Example-guided Video Editing. [pdf]